Top PC Games Ever for Men

I think I should have written this entry much earlier because I am such a PC game fan for maybe over twenty years. In this entry, I only list the names and short reviews about them. I’ll write separate entries for each of them.

a). Starcraft:Brood War

Born in 1997, still as a top game in RTS (real time strategy) field in WCG (World Cyber Games). One of my favorite since its birth. Zerg, Terran and Protoss… …

b). Diablo II, Diablo II expansion: Lord of Destructions

I came across this game by the year 1999. The best RPG (Role Playing Game) so far. There was actually no handbook stuff about it. I just played it with my pals. Up to now, I still play it. I love its sense of mystery and lively music.

c). King of Fighters 97.

It’s actually a video game or, a street game. I use a simulation software to run it on PC. Altho it’s 2D game, we college roommates really had a good time together playing it for years.

d). Caesar III.

A sim game, very simple 2-D graphic. Don’t underestimate it for its simple look. There’s powerful stuff in it. Population control, city planning, job rate, food supply, IM/Export, politics strategy…… I have fear of playing it each time. You will too when you really know what it is.

e). Fallout, Fallout II, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Men’s game. Men’s game. I recommend you play Fallout Tactics first in order to grasp some soul of it.

f). Landscape: Torment

What I recommend to you is not what people are crying for at present days, but the most classic and great games for men. This one could be hard for you to understand. Maybe you should google it for some background knowledge. I remembered there was a guy who wrote an English version novel about all its plot. I once read it and found it really helpful for you to understand this great game.

g). Hearts of Iron, Hearts of Iron II, Hearts of Iron III

What’s good in it? I couldn’t say. I got speechless when first time I saw it, when first time I knew about it. As a man, you must not miss this game for your entire life, if you are a man. Jesus! I got stuck.

h). Winmine

Yes, you’re right. It’s just the windows game. How soon can you finish the expert level? My record is 124 seconds. I saw a great Japanese player made it within 30 seconds. Cheat or art? I couldn’t say.

i). Disciple II

I initially played Disciple I Sacred Lands. It’s not so good, not as good as Heroes of Might and Magic III. But there was something in there that attracted my heart. Then Disciple II and its expansions came to birth.

Pro gamers say that Disciple II is a hybro, with mythologies of chaos. Greek, Roman, and Northern Europe Mythologies mixed up. I still like it. It brought me to the mixed world of Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft and many other games I couldn’t remember. BTW, I like Undead.

j). Plants Vs Zombies

My Story with Plants Vs Zombies

k). Biohazard Zero, Biohazard I Re, Biohazard II, Biohazard III, Biohazard Veronica, Biohazard IV, Biohazard V

I probably need to write a chronicle for this game. Too much to say.

l). Alien Shooter 2

Made by a Russian game team, called sigma-team. It’s been a long time I haven’t played such a nice game.

m). Need For Speed: UnderCover

Nothing to comment. It’s too famous.

n). Capitalism

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