Top Paying Adsense Keywords List | CPC Niche Theme Analysis

There are thousands of high paying adsense keywords, or Top paying CPC niches in there, which you can check and research on Google’s free traffic tool. While many of them are hard for us to use, or hard to create contents about for us as an improfessional. So what I list below is what we can do.

Anti-aging $21.35 – $26.35topwords

We could dig it from different aspects, like costmetic stuff, hi-tech interference or some natural way, like Chinese Herbals, healthy dieting, or psychological aspect against aging. Happiness is the
ultimate cure for aging.

Automotive $15.62 – $25.86

Man loves automobiles, especially race cars, or hummers. Automobile could be any man’s one of the most favorite topics. So where you wanna dig in this theme? Besides, you could talk about something relative, like car insurance stuff. That’s also a high paying niche.

Banking and Finance $42.38 – $58.65

This is a little bit professional theme. Too big a topic. You need to find a niche from it and study what people want in your niche.

Cancer $51.68 – $65.32

This theme is know to everybody as a very high paying keyword theme. However, it’s just too professional. For most of the cases, people work on this theme by outsourcing and spamming. This is no good. Doing adsense for a long run, you need to know what you are writing about, love the theme, write something really helpful for people coming to your post.

Car and auto insurance $35.62 – $35.87

I have mentioned this. Insurance is an interesting field, people in this business are playing with the chance. While we are playing with something solid, profit per clicked. I know much about this kinda theme because I have a certificate as an insurance agent.

Communications $18.92 – $21.58

Like cellphone stuff. Physical equipment sales ads or business for the mobile service provider.

(ISP/LAN/Wireless) $12.36 – $16.23

Physical cable network and wireless network for your internet service.

Computer Hardware $28.65 – $38.52

Just about PCs, laptops, or some accessories. To me, some interesting accessories are more attractive. You should be a fan of this, know what people need.

Specialized Software $52.36 – $61.32

The CPC here is so high. So you should imagine what price the software price should be. Maybe count in K dollars. Professional stuff, very professional. 3D design?

Credit and Finance $51.35 – $59.65

It’s really high CPC. It should be. People are always in short of money. Sometimes even credit cards can’t completely cover your deficit. That’s the need and supply.

Dedicated Hosting $35.25 – $39.32

Here’s too crowded. I quit.

Distant learning $08.96 – $11.25

This is a really good theme. People have to recharge for fresh and unknown stuff. Distant learning is worth digging and surfers are happy to click on this kinda ads.Who don’t want to learn new stuff?

Exotic Restaurants and Foods $55.23 – $62.35

People like to taste all kinds food all thru the world and more importantly, to learn the cultural and historical differences. I want that too.

Forex $21.25 – $23.31

This one is like stock and future investing, but faster dealth. People love exciting things.So Gamble never dies.

Legal $52.65 – $55.62

How much will you cost if you consult a lawyer? Pretty high. Hundreds of dollars per minute? In the internet world, people could fill some online forms to make a pre-consult, which could save a lot of money, also save lawyers much time. Good for both party.

I’ll leave the rest for you. Tired of typing. Good luck.

Psychotheraphy $21.36 – $35.21

Real Estate $11.32 – $15.62

Tourism & Luxury shipping $08.96 – $21.35

Weight Loss $15.36 – $19.65

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