Is Forex Robot Really Gonna Work?

A robot can never win you money for a long run. Think about
Just some parameters, digits, and programs to win other humans’ brain? No.
I have worked on Forex for three years. I know all the insights.
For a short run, say, you try it for a really short time, you might be impressed by its magic.
But, for any fluctuation, a little bigger one, the robot will close the position and you’ll lose money.
The higher the leverage you use, the more risk you take.
If you use up to 1:200 leverage or even higher, I can say, no more than one month, you’ll at least lose half of your deposite, three months, you will lose them all.
You can try that robot on your demo account for a month, then come back to talk about it.
If you really want to dig in this field, come to my Forex site for daily analysis report.
I’m doing real transactions for years.

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