Is Forex Robot Really Gonna Work?

A robot can never win you money for a long run. Think about
Just some parameters, digits, and programs to win other humans’ brain? No.
I have worked on Forex for three years. I know all the insights.
For a short run, say, you try it for a really short time, you might be impressed by its magic.
But, for any fluctuation, a little bigger one, the robot will close the position and you’ll lose money.
The higher the leverage you use, the more risk you take.
If you use up to 1:200 leverage or even higher, I can say, no more than one month, you’ll at least lose half of your deposite, three months, you will lose them all.
You can try that robot on your demo account for a month, then come back to talk about it.
If you really want to dig in this field, come to my Forex site for daily analysis report.
I’m doing real transactions for years.

Forex or Stocks?

fstIf you’re not an aggressive investor, I suggest you do stocks. It’s much safer for you. The fluctuation is small. Call and Put options can be great for you. You only have to spend a little money while earning huge profits.
Forex is the same, but the fluctuation is horrible. This is a real game. You can still sign up a demo account to try it.
You might think it a gamble, you are wrong, most of the people are wrong.
All stocks and forex are predictable.

Some Caveats to this Process

The methodology I described won’t work well for everyone, and I should make some more things clear:

I don’t create or memorize a script, but I do rely on the slide deck itself to provide an order and narrative to the story I’m telling.
I only present on topics I’ve personally invested time and energy into doing (and thus can feel confident about adding value). I’ll occasionally talk about a topic about which I’m not extremely proficient (e.g. raising venture capital, which I failed at in 2009), but these are rare and include lots of caveats.
I’ve tried some other formats, like an all-whiteboard-drawn presentation and using Prezi (like Martin Macdonald’s brilliant one on the MayDay update) and even, long ago, some hand-made, Flash slide decks. None have worked as well for me personally, though I certainly encourage others to get creative and give it a shot.
I often re-use slides, individual graphics, charts and talking points, but I almost never give the same presentation twice. Although audiences differ, there’s frequently at least some overlap (often other speakers) and the world of web marketing/SEO moves so quickly that it demands fresh content and topics. I’ve also found that I’m best when giving a presentation for the first time – I’m more excited about the material and it shows through in my delivery.
I set a goal of being in the top 3-5 presentations as rated by the audience at any given event. Someday, I hope to improve that goal to #1, but currently, . I’m religious about asking organizers for my scores and any written feedback to help improve. To date, nearly every time I present, there are a small handful of comments asking for more basic, beginner-level content and a slightly smaller handful who request more advanced material. Someday, I hope to find a balance, though I suspect this will always be challenging.
I have several verbal disfluencies that frustrate me and that I intend to work on diligently this year. As I recently tweeted, I’m going to look into a professional coach / trainer to assist (recommendations are welcome!).
Hopefully, you can put this methodology (or portions of it) to good use and crank out some awesome presentations of your own!

p.s. If you want to see some of the best in action, join me (and the Distilled team) in London on March 18th and/or New Orleans on March 28th for the first ever Link Building Conference. I expect it to be phenomenal.

p.p.s. One important note (from my personal experiences) – when giving presentations in the US/Canada, Q+A is often a big part of the event and very important to attendees. In the UK, Australia, New Zealand + Germany, it’s slightly lower. In other countries Q+A can be very, very dead, (even if private Q+A after the session is very lively) so make sure to plan accordingly.

My Presentation Creation Process

Last year, I created 44 unique presentations, delivered via a variety of mediums – webinars, keynotes, private presentations and conference panels. It’s certainly not a skill I’ve perfect, but it is something I’ve been asked about quite a bit, so I thought I’d share my methodology and some examples in the hopes that it can help those of you who’ve learned to love (or at least live with) Powerpointpost3

Step 1: Understanding the Presentation’s Goals & the Audience

Before I start a deck, I try to learn as much about the audience attending the event/presentation as possible. When it comes to our PRO member webinars, we have lots of survey data and direct feedback, but for outside events, it’s critical to connect with the organizers. Here are 5 questions I like to ask:

What roles/titles are represented in the audience? What do the attendees do for a living and to whom are they reporting?
What level of knowledge do they have about the topic? How many years of experience are likely under their belts?
How do these folks hope/intend to apply the knowledge? What do they want to accomplish
What segment(s) are being targeted by attendees? Are they B2B/B2C, small-medium business, enterprise, agency, consultant, etc.?
How long do I have to present and how much time should be left for Q+A?
If you forget #5, you can often run into lots of trouble – make sure to get that one :-)

Step 2: Build an Outline in Email

It might seem like an odd way to craft a presentation outline, but I love to use my Google mail account. It autosaves, it can be accessed on my mobile if I want to add/edit/review and I don’t need to worry about which computer (home/work/laptop) it’s on.

A sample outline might look like:

Outline for Social Media Breakfast Presentation

The outline above comes from a presentation I gave in November to the Social Media Breakfast Club in Seattle (at the kind request of Kristy Bolsinger).

The outline accomplishes several key goals:

It can be easily shared in email with organizers or team members for a review prior to building out the Powerpoint
I can review it from a narrative perspective to see if the slides and concepts are going to create an intelligent “flow”
If there’s any additional research or digging around I need to do ahead of time, the outline can help indicate where those might exist
I can copy and paste any relevant URLs into the outline directly and use them as references later on
It’s easy to put alongside Powerpoint on a wide monitor so I have a perspective on the outline while I’m building the deck in an adjacent window

Step 3: Create a Presentation Shell

Next, I build an “empty shell” presentation in Powerpoint using a template. Most often, that’s the SEOmoz template, featuring lots of Roger and a consistent color scheme, but some events have their own requirements around templates and in those instances, I’ll build the shell from their example.

Empty Shell Presentation

The shell is especially easy to build because I can put it alongside the email with my outline and simply work from that spec, massaging slide titles, etc. One piece that’s key for me is the segmentation of themes/topics. Whenever I move from a topic/discussion point to a whole new area, I use transitional slides that signal to the audience we’re moving on. These slides in the SEOmoz template are blue and contain only a headline + Roger mozBot and his word bubble. I typically fill these with something relevant or fun.

Transitional Slide

In the transitional slide example above, the section covers inclusion in vertical/universal-style listings. Hence, Roger’s alluding to Google’s left-hand search menu.

Step 4: Add Pictures, Screenshots and Graphics

The next step is typically the most time-consuming and challenging.

My goal is to have as few words and bullet points in slides as possible (using them only where necessary). Thus, 90%+ of my slides are usually graphics, screenshots, diagrams, charts or drawings that represent the tactic or idea I’m attempting to convey. As you might imagine, this gets hard (which is why many presenters use the simpler bullet point/text format).

Below are a few examples of the types of slides I like to create:

I worry less about making beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing slides and more about graphics that help tell the story effectively. That said, I’m insanely jealous of those who manage to mix both phenomenal design/layout and powerful storytelling into their slide art. In the future, it’s possible I might hire help specifically to help create those stunning, well-designed types of slide decks (currently, I make all my own decks).

NOTE: SEOmoz uses Shutterstock’s stock photography, but I also will sometimes using Creative Commons licensed photos from Flickr (and/or anything my wife takes).

Step 5: Insert Highlights, Arrows & Effects

Once the graphics are in, I’m in polishing mode. Oftentimes, that means adding effects to the deck, though I try to be very minimalist with these. You can see a few examples below:

I almost never use visual effects like fade-in/out, motion, sound, video, etc. Not only are there occasional (and painful) compatability problems with these features, but I haven’t found them useful 90%+ of the time I see them or have tried to apply them.

Step 6: Run it By My Team / the Organizer(s)

Last, but not least, I send the slide deck out for feedback, either to SEOmoz’s marketing team and/or to the organizers of the event. In the example below, Jen Lopez’s feedback was invaluable. I added 4 additional slides covering the concepts she mentioned and it seriously improved the webinar we gave.

Top 10 WordPress Free Plugins

1.All in One SEO Pack


Best for SEO automating. I think it better than Platinum SEO.This plugin automatically creates meta-tags on each post page, allowing you also to pre-establish any meta-titles or meta-tags you want included. All In One SEO is one of the best “plug & play” style plugins available. You can upgrade to a premium pro version.wp



Blogging is definitely a writing-based sport, but as most bloggers know, without visual aid, a wordy blog post can make a reader’s eyes glaze over with boredom. Particularly for design, fashion, or photography blogs, I-Max width can save you valuable time and frustration by automatically adjusting every image to fit in the content column of any theme. By setting a pixel maximum (i.e. 400px wide), you can ensure that your theme doesn’t get distorted, and neither do your images.I hate stuff being distorted.

3.FeedBurner FeedSmith


From Google’s Feedburner, a super feedburner plugin, sending traffic from your entry and comment RSS FEED to Feedburner, get great traffic.

4.Google Analytics for WordPress


I trust Google’s stuff betther than others’. Adsense,analytics,feedburner,adwords,email all together packed in one google account. Superb.

5.Google XML Sitemaps


Where is the first place in you mind to send your sitemaps to? Google’s Webmaster Tool. Google is the authority of all authorities in the internet world. For webmasters, we need it as water and air.

6.PC Robots.txt


We’re gotta use a professional robots.txt generator with a high artificial intelligence. Help us welcome friendly spider and deny unfriendly outsourcing visit.

7.Random Related Posts Based on Category


Not so great in my mind, but it’s what I need to function.

8.SEO Smart Links


Standard component in my point of you. Add helpful SEO links.

9.Share This


You don’t need BuddyPress, as it always dies for errors. What we need is just those social bookmarts, right? This plugin just make it easy.

10.W3 Total Cache


A highly intelligent Cache plugin, better than Super Cache in my point of view.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs?

Hey, guys! This is a serious topic. I have been looking for a Legitimate Work From Home Job for two years, now I seriously write this article for you to reveal a way that works. Read it thru.

Top Paying Adsense Keywords List | CPC Niche Theme Analysis

There are thousands of high paying adsense keywords, or Top paying CPC niches in there, which you can check and research on Google’s free traffic tool. While many of them are hard for us to use, or hard to create contents about for us as an improfessional. So what I list below is what we can do.

Anti-aging $21.35 – $26.35topwords

We could dig it from different aspects, like costmetic stuff, hi-tech interference or some natural way, like Chinese Herbals, healthy dieting, or psychological aspect against aging. Happiness is the
ultimate cure for aging.

Automotive $15.62 – $25.86

Man loves automobiles, especially race cars, or hummers. Automobile could be any man’s one of the most favorite topics. So where you wanna dig in this theme? Besides, you could talk about something relative, like car insurance stuff. That’s also a high paying niche.

Banking and Finance $42.38 – $58.65

This is a little bit professional theme. Too big a topic. You need to find a niche from it and study what people want in your niche.

Cancer $51.68 – $65.32

This theme is know to everybody as a very high paying keyword theme. However, it’s just too professional. For most of the cases, people work on this theme by outsourcing and spamming. This is no good. Doing adsense for a long run, you need to know what you are writing about, love the theme, write something really helpful for people coming to your post.

Car and auto insurance $35.62 – $35.87

I have mentioned this. Insurance is an interesting field, people in this business are playing with the chance. While we are playing with something solid, profit per clicked. I know much about this kinda theme because I have a certificate as an insurance agent.

Communications $18.92 – $21.58

Like cellphone stuff. Physical equipment sales ads or business for the mobile service provider.

(ISP/LAN/Wireless) $12.36 – $16.23

Physical cable network and wireless network for your internet service.

Computer Hardware $28.65 – $38.52

Just about PCs, laptops, or some accessories. To me, some interesting accessories are more attractive. You should be a fan of this, know what people need.

Specialized Software $52.36 – $61.32

The CPC here is so high. So you should imagine what price the software price should be. Maybe count in K dollars. Professional stuff, very professional. 3D design?

Credit and Finance $51.35 – $59.65

It’s really high CPC. It should be. People are always in short of money. Sometimes even credit cards can’t completely cover your deficit. That’s the need and supply.

Dedicated Hosting $35.25 – $39.32

Here’s too crowded. I quit.

Distant learning $08.96 – $11.25

This is a really good theme. People have to recharge for fresh and unknown stuff. Distant learning is worth digging and surfers are happy to click on this kinda ads.Who don’t want to learn new stuff?

Exotic Restaurants and Foods $55.23 – $62.35

People like to taste all kinds food all thru the world and more importantly, to learn the cultural and historical differences. I want that too.

Forex $21.25 – $23.31

This one is like stock and future investing, but faster dealth. People love exciting things.So Gamble never dies.

Legal $52.65 – $55.62

How much will you cost if you consult a lawyer? Pretty high. Hundreds of dollars per minute? In the internet world, people could fill some online forms to make a pre-consult, which could save a lot of money, also save lawyers much time. Good for both party.

I’ll leave the rest for you. Tired of typing. Good luck.

Psychotheraphy $21.36 – $35.21

Real Estate $11.32 – $15.62

Tourism & Luxury shipping $08.96 – $21.35

Weight Loss $15.36 – $19.65

Fujifilm FinePix J40 Review

Fujifilm FinePix J40post1
Hey, this stuff is cool, only $59.00 on Amazon. Let’s check if it’s just fit for you.
Product Features and Technical Details
Product Features

12.2-megapixel resolution
A mini camera with 12.2-megapixel should be enough for you to take a shot really fast and of good resolution.

Top PC Games Ever for Men

I think I should have written this entry much earlier because I am such a PC game fan for maybe over twenty years. In this entry, I only list the names and short reviews about them. I’ll write separate entries for each of them.

a). Starcraft:Brood War

Born in 1997, still as a top game in RTS (real time strategy) field in WCG (World Cyber Games). One of my favorite since its birth. Zerg, Terran and Protoss… …

b). Diablo II, Diablo II expansion: Lord of Destructions

I came across this game by the year 1999. The best RPG (Role Playing Game) so far. There was actually no handbook stuff about it. I just played it with my pals. Up to now, I still play it. I love its sense of mystery and lively music.

c). King of Fighters 97.

It’s actually a video game or, a street game. I use a simulation software to run it on PC. Altho it’s 2D game, we college roommates really had a good time together playing it for years.

d). Caesar III.

A sim game, very simple 2-D graphic. Don’t underestimate it for its simple look. There’s powerful stuff in it. Population control, city planning, job rate, food supply, IM/Export, politics strategy…… I have fear of playing it each time. You will too when you really know what it is.

e). Fallout, Fallout II, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Men’s game. Men’s game. I recommend you play Fallout Tactics first in order to grasp some soul of it.

f). Landscape: Torment

What I recommend to you is not what people are crying for at present days, but the most classic and great games for men. This one could be hard for you to understand. Maybe you should google it for some background knowledge. I remembered there was a guy who wrote an English version novel about all its plot. I once read it and found it really helpful for you to understand this great game.

g). Hearts of Iron, Hearts of Iron II, Hearts of Iron III

What’s good in it? I couldn’t say. I got speechless when first time I saw it, when first time I knew about it. As a man, you must not miss this game for your entire life, if you are a man. Jesus! I got stuck.

h). Winmine

Yes, you’re right. It’s just the windows game. How soon can you finish the expert level? My record is 124 seconds. I saw a great Japanese player made it within 30 seconds. Cheat or art? I couldn’t say.

i). Disciple II

I initially played Disciple I Sacred Lands. It’s not so good, not as good as Heroes of Might and Magic III. But there was something in there that attracted my heart. Then Disciple II and its expansions came to birth.

Pro gamers say that Disciple II is a hybro, with mythologies of chaos. Greek, Roman, and Northern Europe Mythologies mixed up. I still like it. It brought me to the mixed world of Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft and many other games I couldn’t remember. BTW, I like Undead.

j). Plants Vs Zombies

My Story with Plants Vs Zombies

k). Biohazard Zero, Biohazard I Re, Biohazard II, Biohazard III, Biohazard Veronica, Biohazard IV, Biohazard V

I probably need to write a chronicle for this game. Too much to say.

l). Alien Shooter 2

Made by a Russian game team, called sigma-team. It’s been a long time I haven’t played such a nice game.

m). Need For Speed: UnderCover

Nothing to comment. It’s too famous.

n). Capitalism